Sunday, January 31, 2010

Solo Epic Ride

Today, I woke up at around 6 AM, still sleepy since I slept last night at around 2 AM because I watched a movie and was not able to go to work due to body and headache. I tried to convince myself to get up and get ready with biking.
I took a quick cold shower and ate a peanut butter sandwich. After getting dressed up, off I go with the ride. My original plan was to follow the route for the race that is going to be held on Feb 7, 2010, organized by one of our bike buddies, Pat, and then go home but that did not happen. This will be my first long ride since I've been doing bike rides lately just going to Angeles and then back home. So, I went in via the main gate and pedaled all the way to the Haunted Hospital in Clark and then to TI and going to "The wall".

Good thing about riding on your own is that you can go on with your own pace, you don't have to worry being left by your buddies. hehehe. So, I went on with my own pace (slow) and I already felt somehow tired going up to "The Wall" since that's a non-stop climb, but not that steep though.

I was able to manage it just at a slow pace. Good thing I have my phone with me and I was enjoying listening to the morning show of Mo Twister, Grace Lee and Mojo Jojo on 89.9 radio station. And after that... it's all the way going down, so not much stress on my aching right knee.

On my way out, I decided to go visit my daughter and wife at my mother-in-law's house at Villagio Royal, so I went out of Clark via Friendship gate and went there passing Enclave. After visiting my daughter and eating the yummy pancit shanghai prepared by my wife, I started pedaling again this time going to my office mate, Noze's place at Xevera to get his flash drive.

After munching on a bacon sandwich that he prepared and checking out his files on his computer, I decided to head back home coz its almost lunch and its oh so hot outside. On my way home, I still bumped into this guy whom I already met twice on 2 rides that I joined, 1 from the PMTB ride and the other 1 was the clark-subic ride, and we still chit-chatted for probably 30 minutes about biking that prevented me from getting my bike checked for the squeaky sound that I can hear from most-likely my brakes.
Well, that's all right, there would still be tomorrow for me to have that checked. I was surprised to see my cyclometer registering 51.44 km when I parked my bike but I enjoyed every meter of it. I hope to have more such rides but hopefully with my bike buddies.

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