Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caragan bike race

Its been quite some time since my last post. I haven't updated you yet on what happened on the Caragan bike race that was held last Feb. 14, 2010. Well, not much story to tell because sadly I was not able to make it on time to join the race. It would have been an enjoying ride from what I heard from my bike mates who were able to join the race.

I was probably misinformed about the schedule as for what I know, the start would start at around 9 AM. However, when I arrived at the starting point in Xevera, Mabalacat, there were no more riders in the area and from what some bystanders said, the race has already started at around 8:30. I was so disappointed at myself not being to come early where in fact I already woke up around 6 in the moring. The good thing is that on my way to Xevera, I came to meet a co-bike enthusiast "Trunks" riding his downhill bike.

He is also on his way to the race, so you know the result. After knowing that we were already left by the participants of the race, we decided to try the trail by ourselves and to my delight we enjoyed it though we really did not complete the trail since we are not aware of the exact route of the race.

We were able to see the young riders pass the trail, and I was really impressed with the strength of these young riders conquering those steep climbs. I myself am having a hard time conquering those climbs, but with these kids, it seemed so easy.

After watching the kids pass by, me and Trunks decided to go on seperate direction. I decided to conquer the steep climb to Sacobia for me to exit via Clark main gate. Even though I was not able to enjoy the Caragan race, I was still able to enjoy my bike ride.

I need to have more training on those steep uphill climbs so that I will be able to conquer them easily. Lesson that I've learned here is that it would be better to be early that late. hehehe. My bike buddies are planning to ride the race trail one of these days and I am hoping that I will be able to join them if my work schedule permits.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pedalan Rimatihan Queng Clark 2010

And the result? Kudos to me because I was able to complete the race! Though I did not win or even went into the top 10, the fact that I was able to complete the race and not being the last to arrive at the finish line, that is already an achievement for me. Surprisingly, that was only a 26 km run but I felt the pain on my butt just riding the entire route.

I am so thankful to those young kids who participated the race. Why? Funny but true, whenever I try to look back to see who is behind me, I always saw those 2 young kids just a few meters behind me. So I pushed myself to pedal further because they might surpass me and that would really be an insult. hehehe. But honestly, those 2 kids are really strong bikers. They started at a young age, and they even joined the Clark-Subic fun ride which I also joined so I am sure that when they reach my age, they would already have a lot of trophies under their name and they will become strong cyclists.

The day started early for me, woke up around 5:30 to get ready. Took a shower, dressed up using my bike outfits and then made sure that my tires are inflated properly and off I go to Bayanihan park for the Pedalan Rimatihan Queng Clark 2010.

When I arrived at the Bayanihan park, there were already a lot of bikers in the area, both cyclist and mountain bike riders. We have young people and we also have a few old timers, but when they pedal, they sure can beat the hell out of me. So I met up with my bike buddies and our purpose is just to have a fun ride though we have a few bikers who can really compete with those other strong riders.

Everyone is so excited for the race, even my bike buddies from the forum, Team Recreation and Cars, were present for the event. And when the race started, everyone pushed themselves to the limit just to finish the race and the great part is that everyone who joined the MTB category were able to complete the race without any casualties and everybody enjoying.

The fun did not stop after our category because there were 3 more categories that followed and each of them were as fun as ours. Just watching those road cyclists ride their bikes at maximum speed is so amazing.

So after all the categories were done, it was time to award the winners of the race. Each 1st place rider were given plaques and corresponding cash award and a bike shoes. And for all you know, I also won a flashlight which I can use on my bike for night rides, during the raffle draw. hehehe. I won't tell the story on how I won it, but I did.

Overall, it was an experience, one that I could include with my road to cycling. So, I'll just keep on riding my bike, may it be a race or just a simple ride with my buddies. Caragan? I'll think about it...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Addicted to you!

The Addiction just really couldn't stop. Just had a 15 km bike ride from home to Angeles and then back home just to set my knees for tomorrows 26 km race inside Clark Air base.

I thought I wouldn't be able to join this race since previously my day offs were not set to Saturday and Sunday. Good thing the client decided to tranfer me to a different queue that is why I was able to get a Sunday off this week.

I am eager to join this race since this is for beginners only and there is really no intention to win but to experience the fun. However, as I passed by at a local bicycle Store, I just couldn't resist the call to get something new for my bike. I decided to drop by the store and look around and have decided to get one of those Alivio Front Deraullier for my bike, to partner it with my Alivio rear deraullier and shifter.

I've long been wanting to change this one since it has been causing me some problems during long runs since my chain keeps on rubbing on it on a gear for my bike, most specially during the Clark-subic fun run. And it was worth it, after it was replaced and pedalling back home, I felt the difference in changing gears, it was easier and lighter. Best buy for me. Hopefully it could help for tomorrow's race.

On my way back home I also went to register for the race tomorrow so I am officially a contender. The only gear I am missing now is my eyewear, hoping I could buy one later for a cheap price.

Well, goodluck to me and all the contenders. Let's all have a safe ride and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of this race. I'll be updating you about the result once the race is done. But one thing is for sure, I'll definitely enjoy this one, just seeing all the riders that will come. :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4th Bicycle Road Race

I am excited for this bicycle ride event this coming Sunday. I will just have to look for someone to babysit Check (my 4-year-old daughter) because V (my wife) will be going to work that day.

If you are insterested, you can bring your group with you and register. On my far right in the picture is Patrick, one of the organizers. Here are the details:

The Angeles City Cycling Club - A. C. C. C.
in cooperation with : CDC and Wel’s Bike Shop


The Angeles City Cycling Club shall conduct its 4th Bicycle Road Race Competition on February 7, 2010, dubbed as “Pedalan Rimatihan Queng Clark 2010.” It will consist of four (4) categories namely: Professional Cyclist – from different regions of the country. Racer Bike Cyclist of Pampanga and the Mountain Bike Cyclist of Pampanga (Beginners), we also included a category for Air Force Personnel only.

Open – Pro (Open to all)
Pampanga Residence (Should be living and registered voter of Pampanga)
Mountain Bike (Novice/Beginners)
Air Force Personnel Only

Distance = 26 K for MTB 80K for Pro-Open Category 52K Pampanga Riders
Format : Road Race
Registration Fee: P100 per Category

On Site Registration (Race Day)February 07,2010 / 5:30:00am – 7:00am deadline for MTB. Race Starting Point
First Race Starts at 8:00am MTB

Prizes:Trophies and cash prices for top 3 finishers in each categoryConsolation cash prices for 4th to 10th placers in each category

Note: Prepare proper identification for the pre-screening process.
No Helmet, No Race
MTB Requirements: Tire Size – 1.95 Up, Chain Ring – 44 – 48 T
For further inquiries and registration please feel free to contact Mr. Manuel “Wel” Macapagal at the following numbers, (045) 331 4803, (045) 889 9306, C.P # 09193944943

You may also send your inquiries to Patrick P. Reyes, sn:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mountain Bike Ride: How Did It all Start?

My friends call me "Dids." Hmmm.. so how did this biking addiction started? Makes me wonder how I really got hooked up to this hobby. From not spending anything to really spending a lot on biking, from the bike itself, the apparel and lot of stuff just with cycling.

Well, I'd always loved to ride my bike since I was at a young age. Used to own a BMX which I use whenever I want to go to some place or whenever I got scolded by my parents. It's somehow my way of cooling down and forgetting on what happened at home. I even remembered going to school in High School riding my bike, it was fun and exciting.

This hobby somehow got discontinued when I got into college because of the difficulty of the course that I took which was Physical Therapy. Didn't have the time to ride anymore since I have to spend most of my time reading those thick books, memorizing the anatomical parts of the human body, kinesiology of human and the different diseases and cases related to rehabilitation.

So... how did I get back to the hobby? After graduating college and not being able to pursue the career in becoming a physical therapist, I somehow got into a sedentary lifestyle, worked at a call center for several years.
Knowing the nature of a call center industry, I was working several hours a day and in a graveyard shift so there was really no more time for me to exercise that much. I sometimes play basketball, twice a week but that was not enough to keep me from getting bigger. In short, I got fat! And because of having such a lifestyle, I got my blood checked and sad to say, my doctor informed me that I already have Diabetes.
The dreaded disease that my dad has right now. When I knew about the disease, I was so worried knowing the complications that this disease has, as I have seen them manifest through my dad.

My doctor then advised me to drink maintenance meds, loose weight and do regular exercises since there is no way to got the diabetes cured but to prevent the complications from showing up early. So I started doing regular exercises like cycling and basketball and having some diet.

I still wasn't that addicted to cycling, since I have basketball as my first loved sport. But adding insult to injury, I got a knee injury in December of 2008 while playing basketball. MRI showed that I had a partial tear of my medial and lateral meniscus on my Right knee.

It was so devastating on my part since basketball is my first love when it comes to sports. The first thing that came into mind when I fell from that injury is that I am no longer going to be able to play the sport. But because of my determination to still play the game, I devoted myself to rehabilitating the knee right away. So that's when the addiction to cycling came into place. To continue on exercising, I pursued my hobby on cycling.

At first, I was contented with the bike that I have, but time came that I am no longer satisfied with my rig. Add to the fact that my bike buddies have really nice bikes that I would like to have as well. So, I started changing this and that on the parts of my bicycle until I was able to build a really decent bike. And since then, up to now, I continue to change old parts on my bike and purchase new ones to upgrade my rig to make it lighter and good looking.

The good thing about doing cycling is that I was able to rehabilitate my knee at a faster rate and be able to play basketball again, I am able to continue exercising, I was able to loose some weight, I was able to improve my stamina, I am able to go to places I never thought I could go to just riding my bike and importantly, I am able to manage my diabetes by maintaining my blood sugar lever. Yeah, it might be expensive trying to build a pretty good mountain bike but come to think of it, it would be more expensive spending money on maintenance drugs for the disease itself and for the possibile complications in the future, which I hope doesn't happen to me.
One thing is for sure, I will continue to ride my bike as long as I can pedal. I have attached a picture of both my previous and current bike. Keep on Riding!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Double Action Hand Pump For My Bike

Earlier I bought a new hand pump for my bicycle today. It is a Merida dual action pump that could fill the bike’s tires fast whenever you encounter punctured tires during any ride. After so many long rides with my group, I realized the importance of having a hand pump on each ride and how convenient it is to have this double action hand pump in cases of flat tires emergency.

I've been wanting to have this one since last month but the store where I usually purchase my bike accessories got out of stock with this brand. Good thing when I visited them today, they already have them and I never hesitated to purchase it right away.

I got it for roughly around $10. I think it is a good buy because it is very handy, comes with its own gauge for PSI and I tried it on my daughter’s bike tires and it actually filled her bike’s tire right away and not much effort is required. I can bring it along with me anytime from here on.