Friday, February 5, 2010

Addicted to you!

The Addiction just really couldn't stop. Just had a 15 km bike ride from home to Angeles and then back home just to set my knees for tomorrows 26 km race inside Clark Air base.

I thought I wouldn't be able to join this race since previously my day offs were not set to Saturday and Sunday. Good thing the client decided to tranfer me to a different queue that is why I was able to get a Sunday off this week.

I am eager to join this race since this is for beginners only and there is really no intention to win but to experience the fun. However, as I passed by at a local bicycle Store, I just couldn't resist the call to get something new for my bike. I decided to drop by the store and look around and have decided to get one of those Alivio Front Deraullier for my bike, to partner it with my Alivio rear deraullier and shifter.

I've long been wanting to change this one since it has been causing me some problems during long runs since my chain keeps on rubbing on it on a gear for my bike, most specially during the Clark-subic fun run. And it was worth it, after it was replaced and pedalling back home, I felt the difference in changing gears, it was easier and lighter. Best buy for me. Hopefully it could help for tomorrow's race.

On my way back home I also went to register for the race tomorrow so I am officially a contender. The only gear I am missing now is my eyewear, hoping I could buy one later for a cheap price.

Well, goodluck to me and all the contenders. Let's all have a safe ride and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of this race. I'll be updating you about the result once the race is done. But one thing is for sure, I'll definitely enjoy this one, just seeing all the riders that will come. :-)

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