Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caragan bike race

Its been quite some time since my last post. I haven't updated you yet on what happened on the Caragan bike race that was held last Feb. 14, 2010. Well, not much story to tell because sadly I was not able to make it on time to join the race. It would have been an enjoying ride from what I heard from my bike mates who were able to join the race.

I was probably misinformed about the schedule as for what I know, the start would start at around 9 AM. However, when I arrived at the starting point in Xevera, Mabalacat, there were no more riders in the area and from what some bystanders said, the race has already started at around 8:30. I was so disappointed at myself not being to come early where in fact I already woke up around 6 in the moring. The good thing is that on my way to Xevera, I came to meet a co-bike enthusiast "Trunks" riding his downhill bike.

He is also on his way to the race, so you know the result. After knowing that we were already left by the participants of the race, we decided to try the trail by ourselves and to my delight we enjoyed it though we really did not complete the trail since we are not aware of the exact route of the race.

We were able to see the young riders pass the trail, and I was really impressed with the strength of these young riders conquering those steep climbs. I myself am having a hard time conquering those climbs, but with these kids, it seemed so easy.

After watching the kids pass by, me and Trunks decided to go on seperate direction. I decided to conquer the steep climb to Sacobia for me to exit via Clark main gate. Even though I was not able to enjoy the Caragan race, I was still able to enjoy my bike ride.

I need to have more training on those steep uphill climbs so that I will be able to conquer them easily. Lesson that I've learned here is that it would be better to be early that late. hehehe. My bike buddies are planning to ride the race trail one of these days and I am hoping that I will be able to join them if my work schedule permits.

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