Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pedalan Rimatihan Queng Clark 2010

And the result? Kudos to me because I was able to complete the race! Though I did not win or even went into the top 10, the fact that I was able to complete the race and not being the last to arrive at the finish line, that is already an achievement for me. Surprisingly, that was only a 26 km run but I felt the pain on my butt just riding the entire route.

I am so thankful to those young kids who participated the race. Why? Funny but true, whenever I try to look back to see who is behind me, I always saw those 2 young kids just a few meters behind me. So I pushed myself to pedal further because they might surpass me and that would really be an insult. hehehe. But honestly, those 2 kids are really strong bikers. They started at a young age, and they even joined the Clark-Subic fun ride which I also joined so I am sure that when they reach my age, they would already have a lot of trophies under their name and they will become strong cyclists.

The day started early for me, woke up around 5:30 to get ready. Took a shower, dressed up using my bike outfits and then made sure that my tires are inflated properly and off I go to Bayanihan park for the Pedalan Rimatihan Queng Clark 2010.

When I arrived at the Bayanihan park, there were already a lot of bikers in the area, both cyclist and mountain bike riders. We have young people and we also have a few old timers, but when they pedal, they sure can beat the hell out of me. So I met up with my bike buddies and our purpose is just to have a fun ride though we have a few bikers who can really compete with those other strong riders.

Everyone is so excited for the race, even my bike buddies from the forum, Team Recreation and Cars, were present for the event. And when the race started, everyone pushed themselves to the limit just to finish the race and the great part is that everyone who joined the MTB category were able to complete the race without any casualties and everybody enjoying.

The fun did not stop after our category because there were 3 more categories that followed and each of them were as fun as ours. Just watching those road cyclists ride their bikes at maximum speed is so amazing.

So after all the categories were done, it was time to award the winners of the race. Each 1st place rider were given plaques and corresponding cash award and a bike shoes. And for all you know, I also won a flashlight which I can use on my bike for night rides, during the raffle draw. hehehe. I won't tell the story on how I won it, but I did.

Overall, it was an experience, one that I could include with my road to cycling. So, I'll just keep on riding my bike, may it be a race or just a simple ride with my buddies. Caragan? I'll think about it...

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